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Travel & Thrive with Confidence

Bridge all your payment needs wherever you go

Built for Compliance

Best-in-class credit, and risk checks tailored to compliance requirements in the UK, ensuring a secure and compliant financial experience for immigrants

Payments Wallet in Minutes

Instant mobile money account setup which requires only a Passport and a SIM card, providing you with a quick and hassle-free access to financial services

Easy Money Management

Seamlessly top-up, receive, spend, and transfer money using your Pierments wallet, empowering you to conveniently manage your finances

Bill Payments

Easily pay your bills using Pierments, streamlining your financial responsibilities and ensuring timely payments

Pierments Mobile App
Pierments Mobile App

Send and receive money internationally with Pierments' reliable and secure remittance service, making it efficient to support loved ones back home

Credit Builder

Build a strong credit history with Pierments' credit builder feature, helping immigrants establish creditworthiness in their new country

Discounted Offers & Services

Access a diverse ecosystem of services, including discounted offers for travel, laundry, meals, and digital services, to enhance your everyday live

Apple & Google Pay Integration

Seamlessly connect your wallet with Apple and Google Pay for convenient and contactless payments, offering more compatibility with payment channels

Biometric Login Authentication

Benefit from biometric login, and two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of security to your financial transactions

Join Our Community of Empowered Financial Users

With our wallet, managing your finances has never been easier. Say goodbye to complicated and lengthy KYC processes.

Download Pierments App

Download the app on both iOS and Android devices to start your journey with us

Verify Your Identity

To ensure security and reliability, we verify your identity. Follow the in-app prompts and provide your ID document

Add Funds, Start Using Wallet

With your account set up, you're ready to add money and start using your wallet to pay bills, transfer money, and more

More Options for You to Do More

Add Money

Fuel your dreams with ease. Add money to your wallet

How to Add Money
Withdraw Cash

Access your funds, anytime, anywhere. Withdraw and get cash when you need it

How to Withdraw Cash
Pay Bills

Manage and pay bills with no hassle, especially when you're on the move

How to Pay Bills
Transfer Money

Empower connections, near and far. Make transfers to anyone, whenever

How to Make Transfers
Send Money Abroad

Break barriers, embrace unity and send money to loved ones back home

How to Send Money Abroad

All that's needed is your sim and a passport to get started

Manage. Pay. Send. Receive

Manage your moneyPaySendReceive

Ready for this exciting to unlock mobile money as an immigrant? Join waitlist and say goodbye to complicated banking

Getting a Mobile Wallet

Adding Money to Your Wallet

Bill Payments with Mobile Wallet

Withdrawing Cash from Mobile Wallet

In London? Let's get your money on the move, with you.

SIM in the phone? Got a passport? You’re good to go!

Pierments Mobile App

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