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Stay connected with transfers to family and friends

Simple and secure to transfer money to your family and friends, whether they're just a few blocks away or thousands of miles apart

Choose Transfer

Log in to your Pierments App and tap on the Transfer option on the home screen. Home is accessible when you open your app

Add Amount & Details

Add the recipient's details: This includes their name, phone number, and the amount you wish to send

Confirm & Send

Confirm your transaction details and click submit: Review your details before submitting your transfer request

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With our wallet, managing your finances has never been easier. Say goodbye to complicated and lengthy KYC processes.

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Download the app on both iOS and Android devices to start your journey with us

Verify Your Identity

To ensure security and reliability, we verify your identity. Follow the in-app prompts and provide your ID document

Add Funds, Start Using Wallet

With your account set up, you're ready to add money and start using your wallet to pay bills, transfer money, and more

Bill Payments with Mobile Wallet


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Take control of your financial future and experience the peace of mind that comes with hassle-free payments

Pierments Mobile App

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