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From the vibrant markets of Morocco to the bustling cities of Nigeria, Pierments is committed to serving the diverse communities of Africa in the diaspora

Latin America

Whether you're from the colourful streets of Mexico or the beautiful landscapes of Brazil, Pierments provides seamless financial solutions for Latin American immigrants


From the dynamic streets of Tokyo to the bustling markets of Mumbai, Pierments is dedicated to supporting the financial needs of Asian immigrants


From the breathtaking beaches of Australia to the diverse communities of New Zealand, Pierments is committed to providing effortless payment solutions for immigrants

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We Offer Pierments to Immigrants in the UK & Europe from over 52 African Countries

Burkina Faso
Cabo Verde
Equatorial Guinea
Côte d'Ivoire

If your country is not listed, rest assured that we are tirelessly working to expand our coverage every day. We are deeply committed to ensuring that no one is left behind on their financial journey. Check back soon to see if your country has been added to our list.

All that's needed is your sim and a passport to get started

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Ready for this exciting to unlock mobile money as an immigrant? Join waitlist and say goodbye to complicated banking

Built for Global Immigrants, Unlock Freedom with Mobile Payments

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All you need is your passport and an international sim card. Setup an account in minutes, receive and spend instantly!


Whether you're tech-savvy or just beginning, our wallet is designed to simplify your financial experience

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Access your account and perform transactions whenever and wherever it suits you best.

In Control & Much More

Whether you're exploring new horizons or settling into a new country, our wallet goes with you

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Our wallet is encrypted with the latest security measures to keep your money safe

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You can say goodbye to excessive fees and hidden charges. Enjoy transparent pricing tailored to your needs

In London? Let's get your money on the move, with you.

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